Friday 20 March 2015

Room for a little one ?

Little Touches operates in a market that is dominated by a big two. It is a case of Strictly vs. X Factor, Coke vs. Pepsi or Boeing vs. Airbus as we take on Visit England and The AA. Some may say that I'm delusional, optimistic or downright crazy to think I am disrupting the status quo, but I always point to the wording in what is arguably the greatest ever television advertisement - Apple's Think Different:    

Wednesday 4 March 2015

Little Touches in a video nutshell

Some call the above type of video a "sizzle" video, but I'm going to let you be the judge of whether it is a case of sizzle or fizzle ! 

The video was filmed in the Woodland Suite at Ribby Hall Village, as part of a fantastic day on Stand 50 - meeting faces old and new - at Blackpool Expo