Wednesday 22 November 2017

Reaching Out - Our Support Services

You may have already seen our dedicated guides to our "big three" support services: on-demand cleaning, social media management and professional photography, but here we present a clear and concise overview of our extensive roster of other services - some are essentials, others are nice to haves, but all are available from us at competitive rates. 

Reaching Out - Social Media Management

Our Social Media Management service acts as an extra pair of hands for hoteliers across Blackpool, working in the background managing your business' online presence through one of our management tiers. 

Entry Tier (Free) - our most popular tier

If needed, we'll create your social media profiles and regularly update them with Blackpool events and comments
*Links to your profile on
*Must have LT logo visible on Facebook and Twitter header

Standard Tier Pay As You Go Monthly

A more personalised approach, offering more interaction 
    *Must have LT logo visible on Facebook and Twitter header

    Premium Tier Contract for 6 or 12 months

    Our full package, including high interaction, dedicated graphics, custom promotional material. The ability to commission exclusive projects.
    No strings attached, working invisibly for your business

    Reaching Out - On-Demand Cleaning

    "I needed somebody reliable and trustworthy to clean my rooms, without the hassle of employing someone. This service provides just what I needed – ring up, book, cleaners turn up, do the job, leave and then I’m invoiced at the end of the month. The team are very polite, get on with things and did a top class job and I will definitely use this service regularly."
    Wendy, TRIPLE C member The Holmeleigh Hotel

    Our on-demand cleaning service has quickly become an integral part of many hotels across Blackpool, allowing them to summon our cleaning team simply when they need a boost or as is often the case, having them in regularly. 

    Reaching Out - Our Showcase Leaflet

    Blackpool Hotel Support - Cleaning, Social Media, Photography

    Blackpool Hotel Support - Travel Site, Newsletter, Tickets, Accreditation

    Standby your letterboxes ! Hot off the press and as seen above is our new showcase leaflet due to be delivered to all Fylde Coast accommodation providers. 

    As we know how busy you all are, we have made it easier for you to get the best out of us by briefly summarising our key support services and how they allow you to make the right decisions for your hotel.

    However, here on our Hotelier Portal, we've gone in-depth about our support services, giving our most popular ones a dedicated blog post each:

    Friday 1 September 2017

    We've Got A License For You To Upsell

    The time has come for us to license our brand to other operators in the tourism, hospitality, events and leisure industries. After careful consideration we are looking to work with businesses who wish to highlight genuine enhancements to their core services through the Little Touches ® signifier of quality. 

    Wednesday 16 August 2017

    Hosp on the Box: The Hotel Inspector - Forest Park

    Episode 5 is summarised on catch-up service My5 as: 
    "After saying goodbye to numerous managers, Sean has decided to run his hotel himself, but a string of bad reviews has left him floundering. Can Alex convince him to take his builder's hat off and start running the place like a business ?"

    Watch the episode here and then let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

    Hosp on the Box: The Hotel Inspector - Churston Court

    Episode 4 is summarised on catch-up service My5 as: 
    "Chris and Jonathan bought this crumbling historic building with their hearts rather than their heads, and are now starting to realise the mammoth task before them. Can Alex reverse decades of ugly decor, teach her hosts to clear the clutter, erase the oppressive red and herald a more glamorous, curated look ?"

    Watch the episode here and then let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

    Hosp on the Box: The Hotel Inspector - Colliter's Brook Farm

    Episode 3 is summarised on catch-up service My5 as: 
    "The Hotel Inspector heads to Colliter's Brook Farm near Bristol, to try to make sense of owner Richard's Struggling business which was derailed after a planing application was turned down"

    Hosp on the Box: The Hotel Inspector - The House Near Bath

    Episode 2 is summarised on catch-up service My5 as: 
    "Alex steps in to try to convince a generous hotelier to pass on the price of luxury to her customers"
    Key themes:
    • Cost control
    • Bar sales
    • Rebranding
    • Partnerships and Online Travel Agencies

    Watch the episode here and then let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

    Tuesday 4 July 2017

    Hosp on the Box: The Hotel Inspector - Peaky Blinders

    Episode 1 is summarised on catch-up service My5 as: 
    "Alex comes to the aid of some first-time hoteliers who are converting the rooms above their craft-beer bar into a hotel, as well as wanting to add a tapas bar and a chicken shop !"
    The start of the thirteenth series of The Hotel Inspector began with one of our own ! Yes, that's right, Southport's Peaky Blinders, as seen on were given the Polizzi treatment, starting from what was originally called Regency Rooms, before a march over time towards a unified "upstairs and downstairs" offering anchored by the Peaky Blinders theme. 

    Monday 30 January 2017

    LT Family at Famille

    On Wednesday 7th December, new LT GOLD Master Hotel Famille hosted the Winter Little Touches ® Hoteliers Get-Together in North Shore, Blackpool. 

    Our Get-Togethers are open to all accommodation providers and are the opportunity for potential new members to hear first-hand from our top-drawer GOLD hosts about their experiences with the company and what it means to be a Master of their Niche.