Friday 1 September 2017

We've Got A License For You To Upsell

The time has come for us to license our brand to other operators in the tourism, hospitality, events and leisure industries. After careful consideration we are looking to work with businesses who wish to highlight genuine enhancements to their core services through the Little Touches ® signifier of quality. 

By being granted a license to the LT brand, you will be able to use it as an upselling mechanism, singling out those heartfelt additions to your bread and butter offerings by means of our trusted moniker in lieu of "Add Packages/Products/Optional Extras/Customise"

 For Hotels

  • Can be used an Upselling Mechanism as part of the reservation process, in that it will read "Add Your Little Touches ®" and a visual of our logo, accompanied by the existing pre-programmed extras such as Box of Chocolates, Flowers, Wine, Champagne etc. 
  • Can be licensed too as a Room or Venue Rollcall, whereby special in-room amenities and features such as Nespresso Machines can be underlined or more overarching outstanding facilities for the hotel are given prominence under a superior 1+1+1 why pick us over them checklist

 For Restaurants

  • Can be used as an Upselling Mechanism as part of the order process, in that in place of "Add Sides/Sauces/Extras/Toppings/Your Twist/Customise" is "Add Your Little Touches ®" and a graphic of our standard L and fancy T. 
  • Can be licensed too as a Venue Rollcall, where special features of the eatery such as a heated outdoor patio or live music can be accentuated 

Licensing Restrictions of the Little Touches Brand

  • Use of the brand as a "Go Large" Upselling Mechanism is strictly forbidden
  • Cannot be used to promote Free Wi-Fi in the Venue Rollcall, as it is our view that free internet is now an essential utility and should be available everywhere

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