Sunday 19 August 2018

Just The Three - The Little Touches ® Company Values

The purpose of Little Touches® Hospitality is to spread a little sparkle through our mission to be differentiator extraordinaire and the lofty vision of becoming the world's leading hospitality heavyweight.

Guest is God

So much more than just a smarmy one-liner, Guest is God, which has its origins in the Indian Atithi Devo Bhava, is perhaps a universal ideal that the whole world should aspire to as the march towards equality for all continues. Otherwise known as "treat others how you wish to be treated," Guest is God is the hospitality Little Touches style interpretation of this at its most extreme. 

India is by far no means alone in having supreme Guest care embedded deeply in its culture, as in Greece the literal translation of Philoxenia is "friend to a stranger." Indeed, many countries have their own strong stance on the Guest-Host relationship that dovetails nicely with our nothing but the best for our Guests philosophy. 

Ultimately, all that's left to be said - and excuse us while we rack up the music royalty payments - is that at Little Touches the Guest is our world, they are our night and day; our first, our last, our everything.

Discover which seaside B&Bs, Guest Houses, Hotels and Apartments were the recipients of our 2018 Guest is God Award here

Creativity conquers all

From the standpoint that every major industry is - allegedly* - a dirty, stinking, rotten level pegging cartel, our company goes firmly against the grain by shunning the sameness. Most companies in large, bloated industries quite simply offer the same old s***...just under a different name. Although the term differentiation is part of the global business education agenda, in practice it ceases to exist in the real world in its truest form. Exceptions to the rule do of course include the usual trailblazing suspects: Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, Disney and the like. Here at Little Touches, we believe that if ever a company deserved to have differentiation as its middle name, it would be us.

*When reading the word allegedly, always ensure that you read it as Ian Hislop from BBC satirical news quiz Have I Got News for You would say it.  

Words over numbers

Turning on its head the fact that the language of business is numbers, being playful with prose, canny with consonants and voracious with vowels means that ABC comes before 123 at Little Touches. In fact, we have a staunch belief in that by getting the storytelling spot on, the numbers will soon follow.  

Take a look at our storytelling in action where we declared Blackpool Pleasure Beach's Hot Ice show "elements on aggregate" here

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