Tuesday 3 September 2019

Backing us with Backlinks

Many of Blackpool's top accommodation providers are not just paying lip service to cheering on Little Touches in our quest to redefine hospitality, they're actively putting their belief into practice by kindly linking to our website from theirs. 

Why would they do such a thing? Such hoteliers are proactive in promoting everything that is good for the resort, but the bigger picture is that they know that a backlink from their web presence to LittleTouches.com sends out a message loud and clear to Google that property hosts across the Fylde Coast are hungry for the equivalent of a "B******.com for Blackpool" and that in their eyes, Little Touches® Hospitality is the one to deliver it. 

There's no trying to game the system either on our part or our backers part, as Google is a very intelligent piece of kit to say the least and will have soon sussed out the overwhelming desire from Blackpool landlords and landladies for a geographical equivalent of the 800-pound gorilla travel site.

The Blackpool B&Bs, Guest Houses and Hotels that have placed a much-appreciated link (or links) to yours truly have all done so in different ways, so check out the following to see how each of them have gone about it:
If you believe that it is simply bizarre that Blackpool doesn't have its own dedicated Big Kahuna travel site, then please join the movement to prevent millions of pounds leaving Blackpool for Amsterdam each year by making it clear through HTML code that you are increasingly vocal about more resort reservations being local.   

Sign-up and Save with Staylists and Little Touches

How does saving money on each reservation you receive sound? LittleTouches.com is fully-integrated with major Channel Managers such as Inn Style, eviivo, Guestline and SiteMinder, so all that is required is to fill out the short form below (courtesy of our tech partners Staylists) to get your property connected and live on LittleTouches.com

At just 10% commission, your property doesn't need to receive massive volumes from us to really see a difference in your profitability, so come and join the reservation revolution. 

It's Pay As You Go - No Questions Asked, but as ever you've got to be in it to win it! 


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