Sunday 4 May 2014

LT Video Faves - Humanity kits and red carpets

Here we present another of our LT Video Faves, this time featuring a very special hospitality employee - Louree Jefferson. The Banquet Services captain gets to know her Guests individually, but everyone always leaves with the same, heartfelt kit put together by Louree to remember her by. Plus, the red carpet is not just rolled out metaphorically...

"I don't care what they want. They can want the moon, and I will make it happen"                                                                                                                  Louree Jefferson

Louree quickly discovers what makes each of her new Guests tick. As the Director of Sales and Marketing states in the video, "how close or far she can come to these people." Yet with Louree's personality, the end result is often a big hug for all. Celebrating a birthday? If so, then this first-rate hospitality worker will waltz in with a birthday cake for you. "They're my family, and I want them to feel at home. And I want them to come back - and not because it's a business - it's because I want them to come back to the hotel and see me." 

All of Louree's Guests are the recipients of a happiness/anti-depression or indeed humanity kit. Between 200 and 250 are said to be dished out every week. The kits are formed through a simple plastic bag, a small piece of white paper with the image of the staff member and assorted items which have their meaning explained:

  • A penny - to make sure you never go broke
  • A rubber band - to stretch beyond your limits
  • An eraser - to make mistakes disappear
  • A string - to tie everything back together if it falls apart
  • A marble - in case you lose yours
  • Heart-shaped foil-wrapped chocolates - keep so you know someone loves you (Do not eat!) 

"We are going home with hope. It is really great, she is a wonderful person"                   
Guest on Louree's actions
Doing a simple Google image search for "happiness kits," it appears that Louree - or those that went before her - may have inspired almost a new industry in the production of similar concepts. Yet whether those hospitality venues which adopt the kit Little Touch have a hospitality employee who can convey the sincerity Louree does, is another question.

"Everybody supports what she's doing, which is infectious throughout the property, so everybody's looking for ways to do their own thing now"  
              Glen Wilson, General Manager
 With Louree on the shift rota for an event, Guests are - unsurprisingly - quick to sign the contract. Who is there to greet the Guest at the end of the real, living actual red carpet on the site inspection ? Yep, you've guessed it, Louree Jefferson with more big hugs for all. 

"You cannot imagine how many businesses we have that return and it's because I really put my effort and my heart into them"    
                        Louree Jefferson 

 Written by Tom Metcalf

Founder and Lead Consultant

 Little Touches ®
        Hospitality consultancy and accreditation
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