Sunday 25 October 2015

LT Video Faves - Tap Coffee London

Lifestyle blogger Steve Booker is our host as he takes us to a refreshing coffee "indie" in the UK capital. "For me it's all about the little touches at places," remarks Steve at 2:21...

Boarding a train with skateboard in hand, Steve may be travelling with one of Bart Simpson's favourite accessories in tow, but it soon becomes clear there is no need to declare Aye Caramba ! Underground, overground, wombling free via Tottenham Court road to destination 193 Wardour Street, little over one minute in and it is eyes on the points of difference time. 

LT Classic latte art quite rightly anchors the other details, but is almost upstaged by an unusual loyalty card. The repeat business prop sees the fixed element of a bicycle on a card meet the Bohemian Rhapsody-esque variable of a silouhette of a man stamp. Daisy, Daisy might have only been offered a bicycle made for two, but Tap Coffee's is an outright orgy as there is room for six leading to seventh coffee free. 

If a barista was to reel off the string of characters 957b58aa33 at the till to you, it might be inconvenient to be messing with one's phone when a big queue is building behind. Alas, toy truck to the rescue for you to pick up as your Wi-fi ticket to ride, as and when you are ready to go surfing. 

Steve summarises the loyalty card's existence as being "pretty sweet too" and that sentiment could also rightfully be used to describe the Tap Coffee website. Happily congruent with all the key Touches woven throughout daily operations at each of its now three W1 locations, the bike motif steals the show as all the best brand icons do in an understated but still reassuringly cocky way.   

Written by Tom Metcalf

Founder and Lead Consultant 

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