Friday 18 December 2015

Why photography matters when marketing your hotel

Head of LT Photography Peter Jefferson with some top tips for tip-top images:
  • Most people make their decisions about holidays or business trips online, increasingly using phones and tablets to access websites

  • The first impact of a website is visual -  many people leave a website in less than a second, you need to grab their attention

  • A dark, small looking room will put potential Guests off, as will grainy out of focus pictures

  • A quick snap taken on your phone may save time but will not sell your hotel

So what can you do ?

  • You should take the photo from a corner of the room not the middle and use a wide angle lens to allow you to photograph as much of the room as possible

  • Make sure all the curtains are open and all the lights are turned on

  • You should always use a tripod and make sure it is level. This allows you to use long exposure times to capture all the detail in the room and keeping it level means the walls of the room won't slope inwards

  • Avoid taking the photos in strong sunlight as the windows will just appear as white due to the difference in the strength of the light between inside the room and outside

  • To capture stunning views from the room as well as lighting the room to its best effect you may need to invest in a flash gun which lets you balance indoor and outdoor light

  • Take your time dressing the room so it looks at its best

  • Do not Photoshop the photo to death you want an accurate picture of the room at its best

  • Spend time picking the best angle to take the photo from and look at the results on your camera. If you are pointing at bright windows without using flash, the rest of the room will look dark so take the photo looking away from the window

Written by Peter Jefferson, Head of Photography

Tom's two-penneth:
Professionally done rules the roost

Thank you to Peter for sharing his top tips if you are looking to shoot your own images, although in my humble opinion for a couple of hundred quid investment in professional photography you will receive images that enable your B&B, Guest House or Hotel to sell itself.

With our one-stop shop, LT Photography cross-pollinates with our industry leading concept on Little Touches ® Details Club to provide show-stopping listings. GOLD member John Cook's Glen Guest House is a prime case in point. 

Double room at Glen Guest House - A Little Touches GOLD member

Deluxe room at Glen Guest House - A Little Touches GOLD member

Deluxe bathroom at Glen Guest House - A Little Touches GOLD member

You most certainly will not be having your piccies re-done for the sake of our travel site alone, as you can use them on your website, social media, leaflets, TripAdvisor and every single online travel agency you are listed with ensuring that my golden business rule of "Everything's acceptable when you divide it" proves that the cost per image per usage on a certain marketing element is mere pennies. 

In other words...

Attention To Detail - Cost equals peanuts, Impact equals coconuts

Written by Tom Metcalf

Founder and Lead Consultant 

 Little Touches ®
Improving B&Bs, Guest Houses and Hotels

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