Thursday 3 July 2014

Superstar Snapshot - Room Four Dessert

ATD Superstars - Attention To Detail Superstar certificate

Due to popular demand, we now present a condensed version of our ATD Superstars article featuring our first recipient Room Four Dessert

  • Location: Bolton
  • Owned by: University of Liverpool friends Asif Timol and Salman Bariwala
  • Opened: December 2013
  • Sector: Part coffee shop, part delicatessen, part dessert parlour
  • Benefits from: close proximity to Bolton's education cluster
  • Community involvement: charity stalls which fly a very honest flag for the business
  • A brand for...the social media age 
  • Open All Hours: 8am to 11pm Sunday to Thursday, extending to midnight on Friday and Saturday
  • No polystyrene in sight: takeaway presentation and packaging equal to eat-in offering. 
  • Signature points of difference: "shot" glasses for mini-desserts and plastic spoons that imitate metal 

Room Four Dessert Shot Desserts

On where their flair for attention to detail has come from...
"It's a case of being inspired by what you see and wanting to put your own spin on things"

On the bottom line that there is always 
room for dessert...
"Even with the lunch menu, we don’t serve anything that’s overly heavy, even the pasta dishes, they’re substantial to a certain extent, but we don’t have any heavy creamy based pastas"
On the prospect of the novelty factor quickly expiring...
"We've got a lot of ideas which we've not even had the chance to play yet"

On the ultimate goal of Room Four Dessert...
"To come away thinking you've been looked after"


Room Four Dessert brand presence on a plateOur full interview with Room Four Dessert can be seen here.

 Written by Tom Metcalf

Founder and Lead Consultant

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