Wednesday 30 March 2016

The chosen six

Our initial cluster of six seaside resorts usher in a genuine watershed moment for Little Touches. Places you are all familiar with, whether purely by name alone, for day trips or regular short breaks. There's an awful lot of information about the chosen six out there and I seek to distil it and put it into bitesize, easily digestible chunks for the time poor, knowledge hungry modern traveller.

I'm putting it out there that I want us to become the first and only port of call for travel expertise in the following coastal gems:

  • Morecambe 
  • Blackpool
  • Southport
North Wales
  • Llandudno
  • Scarborough
  • Whitby
How you going to do that mi' laddo ?

Events, Theatre Reviews and Open Days are just some of the articles that have featured to date for Blackpool. Commitment from hoteliers in terms of claiming their free listing on our site from the remaining five destinations will see the same high-level promotion of the goings-on in their resort.

All the key facts and figs, with not much need to scroll or swipe. North, South and Central for Blackpool. Not forgetting West End for Morecambe and West Shore at Llandudno. A hop, skip and a jump to Ainsdale beach from Southport; up the steps to Whitby Abbey or sauntering from North to South Bay in Scarborough.  

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Proving that I'm not just sitting in an office going ip dip doo to select areas I wish to work in, on Good Friday I was in Llandudno, which provided a great opportunity to take a video of my journey from West Shore to Promenade, as well as take lots of pictures which can be found in a Facebook album here.  

All underpinned by a quantum leap courtesy of eviivo

Our Online Travel Agency Little Touches Details Club will very shortly be integrated with eviivo suite, the booking suite used by over 300 accommodation providers in Blackpool.
Posted by Little Touches on Friday, 11 March 2016

So there you have it

It has been said that it takes two to tango and that three is the magic number, but in our case I have staunch belief that we have a super six. Never comparable in an outright like for like sense, they are all unique, with the common thread of good clean family fun coexisting alongside romance and relaxation for adults. They are all chiefly year-round resorts with a packed events roster, some of which are icons in their own right and a mainstay of the British tourism calendar. 

Without sounding too gushy, I feel blessed to be able to do my bit to kick-start a period we are entering in which Blackpool, Southport, Morecambe, Llandudno, Scarborough and Whitby can finally - deservedly -  become the finished article.   

Written by Tom Metcalf

Founder and Lead Consultant 

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