Monday 27 May 2019

The Little Touches in Hospitality 2019 Survey: The Results Are In

Earlier in the year, at various intervals as part of English Tourism Week and National B&B Week we revealed the results of our 2019 The Little Touches in Hospitality Survey across our B2C Guest-facing social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Attention now turns to the industry implications of the results: which Guest needs and desires can be achieved effortlessly at little to no cost and those that require further thought and investment. 

Classic Little Touch

WINNER: Welcome Hamper

Grab a wicker basket, fill with things your Guests will adore and place lovingly in their room. A hospitality tray is a standard amenity but by going a peg above with a collection of some carefully curated goodies you'll almost certainly exceed expectations. Remember, Creativity conquers all!

COST: Can be easily factored into the room price, with the point of difference being as cost conscious or extravagant as your business model permits.

Modern Little Touch


Most Guests have a Smart TV in their home nowadays, so when they are in a hotel room, ensure that they don't sacrifice what they're used to.

COST: Significant one-off rollout expense, the overwhelming nature of which can be mitigated by bearing in mind our golden business rule of everything's acceptable if you divide it.  

The Great Wi-Fi Debate

LANDSLIDE WINNER: 98% of Guests believe Wi-Fi should be free

No surprises with this one, a fundamental of daily life up there with running water, Wi-Fi is our window to the world.

COST: Depending on the size of your building, it can be relatively low cost, however larger buildings may need boosters installing to ensure widespread coverage. Avoid nickel and diming Guests to cover this overhead and instead take one for the team with a long-term brand loyalty is its own currency perspective. 

Hospitality Heavyweight

WINNER: Disney

Given the background of our founder, having been taught during his Disney induction training that "it is always Guest with a capital G," the words of wisdom from Walt that have continued to inspire us and those Disney Difference details that quite often steal the show - we were thrilled that the majority polled deemed Disney as packing such a customer care punch that they are more than worthy of the title of Hospitality Heavyweight. 

Guest Definitions of Little Touches

It turns out that the most powerful and evocative results were to be found through the responses to the fifth question where there wasn't a tick box in sight and with a nod to our core values of Guest is God and Words over numbers, we simply asked "What does the phrase 'little touches' mean to you personally?" 

The answers offered up were all textbook definitions of Little Touches in their own right, as individual as each Guest that took the time to share their take on the little things that mean a lot. 

They ranged from a two part recipe:
"That you have to get the basics right first - the expectations. Then you have to exceed those expectations with quality surprises. The wow factor." the short and snappy:

"Your own personal stamp"

"Something you don't notice if it isn't there but do if it is"  

"Going the extra mile" 

"I will enjoy my stay there" the more in-depth:

"Things done in fine detail, whether it be cleanliness, your host seeing to your needs or a nice surprise like sweets in a fancy jar"

 "My understanding would be that every aspect from first inquiry to leaving the venue would have been thought out, planned and undertaken in the most professional manner, followed up a week later for feedback which is a long list where people get bored."
It may have been the case in the past that a room is a room is a room, but given the positive descriptors used to encapsulate Little Touches, there's clearly a hunger for Guests to be very pleasantly surprised by hospitality businesses. This is why - to borrow a line from Beauty and The Beast's Lumiere - it is with deepest pleasure and greatest pride that we will continue to champion the finest quality Blackpool hotels and seaside accommodation providers on In other words, Be Our Guest!

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